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Thursday, May 29, 2014

What makes Alexander Wang global successes

-Alexander Wang,Fashion designer and creative director of Balenciaga and his own brand Alexander Wang.Alexander,this young fashion-gun recently had an exclusive conversation  labeled as "Career Advice From Alexander Wang" with Domenico De Sole,the Chairman of Tom Ford International.*(The conversation presented below)

-Without any backgrounds of fashion industry,started from browsing over fashion magazines at hair salon,chasing his dream in New York, and now with the global successes. Seriously,i mean from his base camp New York to Europe,far to Asia,from celebrities to the masses,people wearing Alexander Wang` designs in every corner of street.His designs have already became a Globalized uniform for young generation.

Celebrities carrying Alexander Wang`s Rocco Bag

-Watching though this conversation,i can summary the key point of what makes Alexander Wang global successes is that Alexander is full of "Happy-Attitude","Dynamic-Personality","Young-Energy" and he endows those elements into his designs to cheer fashion industry and global consumers.

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