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Sunday, April 03, 2016

An Unfinished Post

As i subscribing some previous posts of early publications i found one unfinished story which i remembered i edited it when i was living in Italy . The inspiration process of this story is vague to me so that i can not force myself to finish it . I do realize this post is well written and thinking it is worthy to be published even if it is not integral . Hope some readers enjoy reading it .

China Impact 
When i was inquired to offer some awareness of China , it is a huge country from Asia , has one fifth of global population , with richest and longest history of more than 5000 years , all those descriptions came out of people`s mouth .  With my hair , a pair of eyes colored in black , speaking a naturally fluent Mandarin , i am apparently a Chinese . Those descriptions are Chinese features , not surprised me . Jumping to the second thought , what surprises me are those kinda of facts that China has became the The world's second largest economy and showing the signs to replace America becoming the first place . 

About those "kinda of " facts , which are actually more than you can imagine , concentrating on for a while , searching for internet data , reading some reports , listening to news everywhere , do not be dumbfounded , it is Chinese impacts , have influenced very many aspects .

Since after Asian models formed a force to take runway stages , walking out as first face of some high-prestige fashion labels , to the age of Chinese Models Juan Du , Wen Liu , XiaoWen Ju , FeiFei Sun ......

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