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Friday, January 04, 2013

Beauty-Bob Recine's Alchemy of Beauty

Alchemy of Beauty


Bob Recine is a beauty visionary if ever there was one. A well-established hairdresser who is equally comfortable crafting demure runway looks backstage at Jill Stuart and prepping Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron for the red carpet as he is constructing elaborate headpieces for Lady Gaga, Recine is a master of many mediums—all of which he frequently brings into his unique approach to coiffure. “I see it differently,” Recine says of the generally held views of hairdressing, which tend to have a small vocabulary as far as creative experimentation is concerned. A talented illustrator, sculptor, and occasional shutterbug, Recine refuses to be confined to scissors and combs—a fact that can readily be seen in his vast body of work that has, for the first time, been collected into a new book. Bob Recine: The Alchemy of Beauty (Freedman/Damiani; 2011) hits shelves next month and features a selection of Recine’s favorite editorial collaborations with photographer Mario Sorrenti as well as choice Polaroids, paintings, and construction projects that he has undertaken over the years. “I’ve never been typical in my field and I relish in that a little bit,” he says.



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