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Monday, January 14, 2013

Runway Report January 13,2013

January 13,Milan,Fall 2013 Menswear

Vivienne Westwood

It feels so cool and so creativity for each time about Vivienne Westwood`s design of menswear, especially when many other designers` shows are run-of-the-mill.Maybe i am not a professional fashion person,but i am trying to read carefully and to understand deeply the Vivienne`s design.Here are the things:Vivienne gets used to putting the punk and street labels into some classic labels.The point is the colors feel like coming from classical paintings and classical costumes.However the style and the way of wearing are street and freedom feeling.Putting tie into pants,looks unintentionally rolling up the trouser legs,making liberal clipping pants be tucked into socks.In details,the designer gives a suit a kind of status that after a person taking out his hands from the pocket,the cover of pocket is still open.Even gives the models a whacky makeup.To read and to understand Vivienne`s design needs some time,the truth is once you understand her punk way,you will love it.

Making Liberal Clipping  Pants Be Tucked Into Socks

The Suit In A Status That After A Person Taking Out His Hands From The Pocket ,The Cover Of Pocket Still Open

Model In A Whacky Makeup

Putting Tie Into Pants And Looks Unintentionally Rolling Up The Trouser Legs

Vivienne Westwood And Her Husband

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