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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


-Frankly,i do think we bloggers blog or release a post because of we enjoy blogging.And there is no exception in my case.In every field people set up a specific award to commend those outstanding persons,oscar for actors,grammy for singers,and in blog industry definitely it`s bloglovin award.

I know people who writes blog will not get strange to bloglovin,we could follow some beloved blogs  and spread our blogs with it.And i am here to tell that bloglovin award is a fresh new thing to me,i admit that i was a kind of very new blogger less than one year.But when knowing this blog award even seeing some of my favorite fashion bloggers have received this exclusive award really makes me so excited, meanwhile feel Jealous.Of course i feel excited because i do love fashion things, do love blogging and do love those exceptional bloggers who indeed successfully combine their personal personality and fashion culture within their views.Maybe this sounds a little bit abnormal that i said i feel jealous about the bloglovin award winners,but please forgive me for this,this is absolutely an inspirational award to very blogger either the experienced ones or the new ones-just like me.And i must say i`ve been waiting for a moment like this for a long long time.I desire people notice my fashion talent and my specific fashion views.If you have subscribed my website you will love it,i am here dare say my website is as beautiful and professional as some famous websites,if you do not think so i think you need to check your taste.

Yes,a famous fashion blogger or a famous fashion website should has its own characteristic that different from some other blogs.Here i wanna create a word,that is "blognality",it is easy to explain,just like everybody has its own personality which makes us so unique so personal,and this explanation also happened to blog,"blognality"is what makes one blog unique and makes your blog has personal style.Thinking about some widely known blogs such as Bryanboy,Fashiontoast,and The Manrepeller,why they are famous ? I would like to visit their blogs thousands of times every day,because here are something i could learn,learn what and how makes a beautiful and professional website.For their professional fashion views and their specific website style,also their contribution to fashion industry,they are deserve to win.

And now i am thinking a thing,that is maybe one day i could win my bloglovin award just as those top fashion bloggers do,i do believe my blog will,and for what reasons makes this dream come true i am not sure,i think only the bloglovin award judges and my blog fans can be sure.

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