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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Global News Landscape

Posted By Royal Wang On April 25,2013

Special Concern:A Girl Was Born With A Rare Mole Disease Is Finding A New Face For A New Life

The girl in the picture named Bhawana Thami, who lives in the village of Dusikharka in Nepal,suffering a race mole disease which covered half her face with hair.And if left untreated,it could turn into cancerous.

To many in the Nepali village of Dushikharka,little Bhawana is a monster.Even now her father could remind of that scene when his "monster"daughter first saw her photo,she was so  
scared and began to cry.Her father recalls.And Her father, Kalu Man Thami, worried for his child’s self-esteem, would not allow her to look into a mirror.

Now,through some photographs taken by Narendra Shrestha,this 9 years old girl`s disease condition is widely known.

It was last year i met Bhawana at a hospital in Kathmandu, where she was scheduled for surgery. After the operation, when the bandage was removed and the young girl was given a mirror to see her new face, she held onto the mirror for 15 minutes,Shrestha recalls.

 Bhawana recently had a second surgery that completely removed the hair from her face. She will undergo a third procedure when she turns 14.

Little Bhawana is finding a new face for her new life.I read this new on the i decide to post this poor girl`s affair in order to let more and more persons know her awareness of her disease condition.I was touching deeply the moment  i saw those photographs,i can feel how Bhawana desire a new face to live a new life.

Yes,life is tough,anyone now facing personal situation,me either,but most of us are lucky ones,we are healthy at least,so at this point please enjoy your life and be merry.And to Bhawana,Let`s pray for her.

-Looking Back at Dior’s Mega-Sized Harrods Pop-Up

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-Week in Review Fashion’s Image Problem, SXSW, Critiquing the Critics, Joe Richards, Patrick Li, Brian Atwood

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-Professor Galliano Debuts New Grunge Look

Though John Galliano seems to be going out of his way to clean up his act, at least one aspect of his image has remained unchanged: his penchant for totally batshit outfits (or at least hats).
Of course, most recently, there was the controversial Hasidic-looking outfit he wore out in New York in February–but Galliano has never been one to dress like a sane person; and, in a way, we’re glad he hasn’t sacrificed his signature style just to win people over......

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