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Thursday, June 06, 2013


-I might think that i couldn`t feel to be curious about any single fashion product or any design,you know why? Because we are living in a colorful world full of impressing and unexpected things.But i am so wrong when i seeing this, may be i can label it to the High Heel,it is so fresh new thing to me and i dear say also to almost of us,the roller skate is an ancient invention which can not catch my sights,but what if an invention or just directly label it to a design which is combined the roller skate with lady`s high heel shoe? Please look at it,besides interesting,creativity,i think sometimes i could be very functional,imagining you can wear to save your time because you can fly with it,and more humanized is it definitely can reduce your ache on your legs and feet, at least compared to the traditional high heel shoes.

I searching along this inspiration and wanna find out who is the designer, but i am sorry i can find some credible evidences,just on a website it is said the designer is Philip Garner,i really do not know if he really is or not, but so what, no matter who is,the same respects to him or her for the exclusive design. Come on guys just admit it whatever you like it or not at least this design makes us happy and makes our life full of surprises.

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