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Wednesday, June 05, 2013


-As i have said in the one of my previous post,i admire a man dressing up themselves  with a little bit Femininity-Style details,and i feel the same way to women.They dressing up like a naughty boy,which totally blows me away.Still remembering that famous boy-friend trend,which thousand of actors,models,and our normal fashion trends office money obsessed with.We have got some exclusive 2014 Resort shows on hands,so far, not so many but still has rich visual styles.I always chose something really touches my  
heart and soul,those looks i pick you for you guys are form Theyskens' Theory is not only mine but also i believe 
lots of costumers` favorite.So simple,Clean,the point is some boywear design details,those what makes you a naughtily handsome girl.And maybe this is out of topic,elin king must like those looks.

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