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Monday, June 03, 2013


Inspired by the ferocity of punk and founded in its aftermath, UNDERGROUND’s original creepers were first worn by new romantics, goths and new wavers in Camden, North London. The shoemakers found an important place in music culture, and this has never dwindled.
As post-punk gave way to grunge and acid house, UNDERGROUND’s steel-cap boots were the shoe of choice. Winklepickers found favour as sounds swayed towards guitar music and indie. In recent years, UNDERGROUND’s shoes have been adopted by like-minded couture designers, creating collections inspired by the brand’s distinctive style and rich cultural heritage.
As movements and subcultures have cross-pollinated with increasing speed, UNDERGROUND has remained a touchstone with those for whom style is synonymous with intelligence, independence and a rebellious spirit.

*A Glance On Underground Website

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-Special Thanks To The i-D On-Line Magazine For Exciting The Inspiration Of Writing This Post

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