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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

All i want for christmas is a digital camera

On resent years` Christmas day i did not on purpose brought myself some gifts.If you must get an answer from me,i will say 1.I do not have some money as a poor student.2.To be frank,i do not have some basic needs for Christmas.

But now,this year`s Christmas Day,that is Today,i do need one gift,a camera,i need a digital camera.I need to get it myself if i have enough cashes,and more even better someone will pay it for me ( Usually nobody will buy me a gift).

I have rational excuses to get a digital camera.
1.I am writing a blog now babies, so naturally i need to capture some moments providing to my posts.

2.I am a narcissism,which is easily to explain,you know i am fucking beautiful,fucking sexy and i am addicted to swing myself in front of mirror.

So now,i think you can get me right? Sighing ~~~ at this moment i do not have extra cashes for my digital camera.Fuck,Fuck,Fuck !!!
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