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Friday, December 06, 2013

pieces of my confession

confession 2
sometimes,i get tired of blogging ...

I believe that every blogger starts blogging with their passion.Either do i.Maybe some victors will get confessed about the title of this post.Why a blogger starts blogging with passion but now say that he gets tired of blogging?

Explain: Here i am saying i get tired of spreading my blog,and the fact is i do not know how to get more traffics to my website,i have tried some ways,such as:Reading some other blogs and leave comments,ask them read back.But i tell you here,i do not like this way,it is like not because you are really so into someone`s blog,just for getting more traffics.And some other ways? Yes i have tried,i used to submit my blog to some search engines,i mean so many ones,but i do not see some satisfying results.

What can else i do to get more traffics? I really do not know,can anyone here help me ?
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