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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Yesterday,Christmas,raining,talking with a Peddlar of a chinese Grocery store

*Back From Work  *Raining  *Chinese Grocery Store
Yesterday i came back toward home from my part-time workplace,personally,in such a badly cold raining day,i used to get lazy cooking,and coincidentally yesterday was one-time a year Christmas,almost all the shops or markets along the streets are closed.There is a Chinese grocery store nearby several corners and the big holiday leaves me no choice but to try my luck.

 *Chinese Grocery Shopkeeper  *Hardworking
Luckily,that Chinese grocery store is still open,feeling lucky for such a big festival there is still a place to purchese,meanwhile feeling a kind of little bit sad while some others are enjoying their Christmas moments with families,friends,lovers,this Chinese shopkeeper, on the contrary,is keeping working.I am a quick buyer by just taking a few packs of instant noodle and then go straight to the cashier.The shopkeeper tells smilingly my goods in total 5.10 euro,i was taking my cashes from my pocket and asking her "Why you do not get yourself a broke on Christmas Day?" She answered to me as:" This store never close down through the whole entire year." "But why? do not you feel tired sometimes?" I keeping asking.She explained that in such a terrible financial crisis,it is extremely to add more incomes,and the costs are increasing but the products tags still keep the same standard,and she has no better choice but to work more longer than before.

What a lovely hardworking woman,and also so kind,so strong,she seems never give up in front of the cruel reality.And i promise i will never forget her because i will treat her as a life role model.

(*what a pity that i do not have a camera capturing this lovely hardworking Chinese grocery-shopkeeper.)
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