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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

considering the "resale value" when you purchasing a luxury

-For  reselling goods,what will you come up with? A car, a used-electronic products or even more. What is the "more" is we gonna discuss today. I bet many of you must have heard of "Resell Luxury",no? Or at least you used to imagine a medium where there you can resell your used Chanel bags or Dior shoes. I do not have any awareness on Luxury Marketing so i am gonna introducing this section with some data materials. According to the Denverpost Americans increasingly are considering the resale value when they shop for everything from jeans to handbags. The habit is in part due to a growing number of web sites that make it easy for shoppers to buy and resell pre-owned goods. Focus on this term "Resale Value",this is the an extra standard you need to measure before you decide to buy any luxury. Still get confused? Ok,here is an example: Rising prices of designer merchandise in recent years have tested the willingness of even affluent shoppers to pay full price. The price tag of a classic Chanel handbag, for example, is now $4,900 this year, up from $2,250 in 2007. Chanel is a trendy brand with a commercially valuable designer, on the contrary,some brands like  Escada, St. John and Max Mara because they've been inconsistent or have lost buzz, and thus, don't command high resale prices.For the record, the ones with the most value in pre-worn clothing and handbags are: Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. In shoes, it's Christian Louboutin.

-I  think "Resale Luxury" is a developing potentially marketing. There exists some sites for reselling your old-purchases,like ThredUP and TherealReal for example.Those sites  have their own resale guides. ThredUP is loosely calling it their own version of the Official Kelley Blue Book, referring to the online manual that offers resale values for cars. TheRealReal, which is coming out this summer with a mobile app that's a resale guide for consumers, said its resale calculations are based on prices of the 450,000 items it has sold since its founding in 2011.

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