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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Made in Brazil


-I recently read across an article form Style.Com which is trying to introduce an exclusive magazine labeled as "Made In Brazil".The title of this magazine drives me a lot of attentions.Attentions on what is made in Brazil? Thanks to Jorge Grimberg,the author of the article i am reading introduces that Magazine "Made In Brazil" mainly focus on Brazilian male models and (some) fashion among (fantastic) bodies,and the  The models are all international and the fashion is very strong.

Mariano Ontañon, Steve Milatos, Chris Moore, Thorben Gartner, and Joel Meacock, styled by David Vandewal.
*Image Resource:Style.Com

Witnessing many fashion campaigns featured with a group of Brazil-Rainforest male models leaves me a question: are Brazilian male models coming a new power in Modeling industry or they already are? I can not give a sure answer. "Brazil makes models" has not  been an industry secret,Marco Pigossi,Caio Castro,Henri Castelli as male models,Adriana Limo,Gisele Bundchen,Alessandra Ambrosio as female models are the bywords in different eras.Look back at the first image,that young male model`s printed body says:"I am made in Brazil." with so much pretensions and confidences.Yes,he should be proud,bcz "Made in Brazil" is forming into a specially national label for Brazilian male models.

For the record,"Made In Brazil" is a  biannual magazine,the magazine has already launched 7 issues,and the eighth issue of Made in Brazil magazine celebrates international male models in stories photographed in New York, Miami, Paris, London, Madrid, Marrakech, and São Paulo. It is the biggest issue of the magazine to date, and very possibly the men’s publication with the most editorial pages of the season, boasting more than two hundred pages of pictures, with no advertising in between.You can presubscribe or preorder at
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