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Thursday, June 26, 2014

six tips from Alexa Chung on how to find you own style

Styling  yourself really needs a little bit wisdom, but if you do not have that wisdom then do not worried.Here are six tips from Alexa Chung (who is a The model and TV presenter) on how to find you own style.

Tip 1
Avoiding a rut 
It's easy to get into a comfort zone. Compile a scrapbook of inspirational figures, as it's hard to just pull an image out of your mind and invent something. Even if you don't look like the person you admire, it's nice to see what they do with a certain style and make it your own. I always think, 'If it will look OK on Jane Birkin, then I'll get it.' I quite like Diane Kruger's style, too

Tip 2
A new 'do' 
A visit to a hair salon can really help to update your style. When I was younger, I used to colour my hair to make it resemble Kurt Cobain's; but now I just get a richer, deeper version of my own colour, with a 1960s cut. It can be easy to assume that if you have had the same hairstyle and colour for 10 years then that's your 'look', but trying something fresh can really change how you wear clothes

Tip 3
Change your perspective 
Don't chuck everything out of your wardrobe and start again. Invest in the odd item every couple of months. A new purchase can change your perspective on other items in your wardrobe. I often find that if I've run out of inspiration, I'll go to a vintage shop, or look for a statement shoe that makes me come up with new ways to wear items I already own. Something as simple as trying on a friend's jacket can open your eyes to a fresh approach

Tip 4
Mix it up 
Don't feel that once you have found an outfit you like, you must keep wearing it in the same arrangement. I never revisit the same item in the same outfit twice, as even swapping a shirt under your jumper can update the look. However, there are always key pieces that are quite boring but staple - for me, it's a white T-shirt by APC, black high-waisted jeans and an excellent pea-coat. Once you have found your staple items, you can then start to experiment with pattern and colour

Tip 5
It's not about trends 
You don't have to follow them to be stylish, it's more about whatever you feel looks nice. Also, sometimes if you don't like a designer collection as soon as it comes out, it may grow on you down the line. I find something similar with Christopher Kane. I like the collection when it's on the runway but four months later I'm totally in love with it. Sometimes you're just not ready for an idea

Tip 6
Go it alone 
I always go shopping alone, as I don't like getting tied down by someone um-ing and ah-ing over a shoe. I'll start off being polite but soon run out of patience, and say things like, 'They make your feet look massive.' It's far easier to be a lone-shark shopper and be selfish about what you need and want for your own wardrobe

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