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Monday, September 22, 2014

How to Upgrade Your Classic Ponytail

Ponytail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can still remember that there is a hair-stylist who said in a book: " Ponytail is the most easy and  convenient hair-style for a girl to match all her garments" . I do not judge it because i am a boy. But i do agree that a ponytail makes you very dynamic and youth. Observing the crowed you can find that a large number of females  wearing ponytails. What is interesting is that i found what those ponytails have in common is that they all looked in a very similar type ( see the images right) .

Have you ever thought to re-style your ponytail ? As a blogger i need to share you my awareness on upgrading a classic ponytail. Here it comes below:

4 ways to upgrade your classic ponytail

The Sleek Twist

"It feels right for evening,” hairstylist David Von Cannon says of this slick look. To get the ropy style, he worked a shine spray (try Phyto Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil, $28, into damp hair and pulled the bottom half into a ponytail, leaving a small section free at the front. He then pulled the loose piece back and tied it around the base. To finish, he split the tail in half, twisted each section, wrapped them around each other, and looped the end up into the elastic.

The Ladylike Flip

Make any ponytail instantly more dynamic by adding a little interest to the top. (“This pony feels refined,” notes our model, Madison Headrick.) The how-to: Von Cannon split hair into high and low sections, then tied the low section into a ponytail. From the top, he twisted two pieces to one side, one to the other, and pinned them under the base of the pony before taming flyaways with Aveda Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight ($26, “The key is to make the twists super tight,” he advises.

The Full Tease

“When you add sections and layers, it takes the look out of the gym altogether,” Von Cannon says of this party-appropriate style. Here, he sprayed in Herbal Essences Naked Flexible Hold Spritzer ($7, before pulling a two-inch section from the front and securing with an elastic. Next, he gathered all the hair back with a gold clasp. The voluminous ends (back-combed afterward with a boar-bristle brush) add contrast to the smooth front.

The Four-Elastic Pony

Any girl can do this look,” says Von Cannon, who used Ojon Volume Advance Thickening Spray ($24, for volume at the crown before pulling hair back on the sides and then the top (braid loosely once at the back of the head to anchor). He spaced elastics throughout and tugged gently for shape. Model Headrick endorses the look: “It’s a clean, easy style—my go-to for evening and also for castings.

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