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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

"metamerism"- creates unique shirts for the contemporary men

-I have always been  keeping an imagination in my deep thought-what kind of man-style would be defined as a perfect example for a contemporary man? The look can not be a marginalization but something recognized widely by our society. Forgive me for starting this post by some vague lines. Watch the clip below first and begin to understand what i am going to discuss here.

In my personal case i scarcely put a shirt on. But my case does not mean i do not like a manly shirt. Through the clip we know how sexy would it be when a man with pretty snow-like skin and lanky model figure wearing a sculpture-clipping shirt. The new collection of "Metamerism" meets our demands of being a contemporary man.

The designer Massimo Casagrande is good at Focusing on detailing, fabric combinations, surface explorations and by adding his own personal twist. .The new collection-Autumn/Winter of "Metamerism" is inspired by Massimo’s obsession with the sculptures of Giacometti and Rebecca Warren and concrete works by Adrian Villar Rojas which gives the collection a unique concept and the garments special surfaces. Each shirt is a result of handmade which makes every shirt a not another-one piece. With a concept of "creating unique shirt for the contemporary man" Massimo this time aims to develop a tactility theme throughout which sees details, inserts and prints inspired by materials such as silicone, concrete and bubble wrap. (See the items below)

*Extra Info: To know further information of the new collection of brand "Metamerism" and the designer please click Here

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