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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Neutral Pieces

- You know it is quite easy to find some pieces which are very man or very woman. Sometimes it is a little bit boring to style yourself based on your natural gander. I am always get fascinated by neutral style,which always be my goal for shopping garments. Yesterday i found two pieces when i subscribed Elin Kling`s blog which are designed in androgyny colors ( Black and Grey), clipped in a clean&modern shape ,no superfluous details and decorations. Wearing those two with a write shirt , shabby jeans and a black blazer or a military coat, Literally a perfect stylish neutral look.

*From Top: SportMax, Dorico Sweater ,€342,click Here to buy

Givenchy,Tina Leather Chelsea Boots,€ 1,150.00,click Here to buy

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