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Thursday, September 25, 2014

runway moment-" gemma ward returns to our catwalk at prada"

Based on the news form I-D magazine, our beloved doll-like supermodel Gemma Ward comes back to the runway industry. At the outset, Gemma puts herself into some other issues which out of fashion industry but could totally enjoys her life. Such as birthed her baby, the "little Gemma"- Naia.  With this big returns, the press is getting excited, i mean who can forget her unparalleled runway moments and campaign looks. We will always remember her sharing the stage with fellow noughties super Lily Donaldson in slinky black lingerie on the February 08 Boys II Men issue with the sage advice - When in doubt, wink, peace and pout. Gemma , there are nothing we could care more than seeing you cat-walking on the runway, so please do not leave us again.

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