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Thursday, May 09, 2013


What would be included in a show named "Battle-scarred heroism"?If we asked Rick Owens-the designer he told us that three things make him widely known.1.The big coat,2.the big boots,3.the big T-shirt.But i think Rick can add another two more things-4.big hair style,5.big magic scene.So the designer did give those five things to this show,but if you think this is all Rick can do, you are wrong,the big-design elements are just the way he express his opinion on design,maybe i should take this show for example.

I am especially obsessed with the exclusive boots, it seems like a wire binding around the ankle of the boots.And with a needle heels.Even through i do not know why did Rick do this but it indeed give the boots a never-seen sense of visual from the silhouette.

Every single part of coat is more larger,i admire Rick because of his creativity of the experience on structure design,and the way he heals with the details between piece and piece.

The hair stylist made a hyperbolic ,fluffy,i would like to call it maniac-hair style 

This season, Owens used wind machines and fog to sufficiently set the mood.) It's more of the highly considered way the designer approaches his craft and his sense of showmanship, which affects every single aspect of his work. "The architectural style of Rick goes from the clothes to the hair," Owens' longtime coiffing collaborator, Luigi Murenu, said backstage.

Plus:*As you can see,i use this image as my blog`s background.
* On the right side of my blog you can watch the exclusive Runway video of this show

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