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Monday, May 13, 2013

- The New Era Cooperation-MiMi Ft Miguel Released Single "Beautiful"

Some people call this "Beautiful"music video is a new era,i do think it is because the two singers. Mariah Carey(i would like to call her MiMi),who has been being a legend in singing and song writing for more than two decades.And Miguel,quoted kelly clarkson`s words "i do not who the hell you are",but that is a true thing his performance at 55th Grammy is the most sexy one ever. Even thinking about this R&B man is nominated the best new artist at Grammy,we can imagine his endowment.Since MiMi turned to try some style of R&B from that groundbreaking album "The emancipation Of MiMi"in 2005,we see a new fresh and diversified Marish Carey.And this time she Ft the best new R&B artist Miguel,what else words do you think we can label on the Old-New R&B singers cooperation?only "New Era".

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