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Friday, May 10, 2013

- UNIQLO LifeWear Collection Fall-Winter 2013

To My Dear Diary:

Today i feel so excited,because there is a fashion activity i think maybe i can label it an outfits-exhibition-UNIQLO LifeWear exhibition.This exclusive exhibition was hosted a few days ago,and for the record,Uniqlo’s Design Director Naoki Takizawa hosted a lovely breakfast yesterday morning at Industria Studios to present the latest Lifewear 2013 fall/winter collection.

What makes me excited is that our beloved and the style icon Nicola Formichetti styled and grouped the collection in different projects featuring Uniqlo’s cool classics — Heattech, Ultra Light Down, Fleece, Silk, Cashmere, Cotton Flannel and Ultra Stretch Jeans.

But tell you what,on the other hand,this exhibition happened to remind me of the beautiful and impressed memory of UNIQLO. This  memory should be dated back to my age of 19,at that moment i was doing so much part-time jobs with my twins-brother and a closed friend in order to purchase some beloved outfits and magazines.
we were looking for some quality and inexpensive brands,and suddenly i found a new store which catches our attention from the" window display design".Because of this i remember the brand-UNIQLO. Besides the excellent display design,the outfits are so quality but inexpensive,this is absolutely what our young generation needs,From that moment i am a fan of UNIQLO, and i`ve been the fan already for five years,and my love for UNIQLO doesn`t lose any more but getting more every day.

Thanks to this outfit exhibition makes my UNIQLO`s memory come back,and what a 
pity is i am not invited to this exhibition,so only i can do is to research the files from internet and about some myself opinion about it.

-Here comes my researches:

*Uniqlo’s Design Director Naoki Takizawa and the legend stylist Nicola Formichetti

On the Basis of some reports,the outfits are divided different themes,in the different areas.and each group of outfits are decorated with headdress based on the theme.

The headdress is related to each theme,and to the outfits,there must be a story or the specific inspiration on theme,I think Uniqlo’s Design Director Naoki Takizawa and stylist Nicola Formichetti aim to tells us different story,because we enjoy different sides of life and since the exhibition named "LifeWear",so UNIQLO wants to disseminate this massage of "different lives make different lifeWears".

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