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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


-I never deny my love for Punk style,in fact i am so into Punk.To me,Punk is something or i can say a cooperation combined with a group of elements.And i think this is a expressive way of  Punk design,but we can surely put the specific spirit on it.What does a collection look like depends on what specific spirit you put in this collection. I really enjoy some design massed up street elements and  human being`s civilization. Here if you subscribe this punk collection in my post you will get me clearly.Frankly,it is the "Nomadic civilization" spirit makes the reason i present this collection.I label this collection "Nomadic Punk",there is no need for me to explain,because you can tell it. Punk Diary is my tribute to my beloved Punk style,and i will make it into a series of posts,today as you can see this is the first Punk Diary.

-Black Sleep

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