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Friday, November 15, 2013

pieces of my confession

confession 1

- recently,i often memory my previous life,the things i have done,the people i have met,the words i have said and even the guys i used to have a crush on. To be frank,i think we all live in a memory world.Someone always say that just look forward and do not let something in the past held you back or even just tell you enjoy your life present.Yes those lines do make sense,but easily saying,hardly acting.I kind of enjoying living in the past,something there i can not and i should not forget,which i think those things had taught me a lot,and i will cherish those memories forever and ever.

I wanna be honest with myself,considering of this,i release the "pieces of my confession" post,it is more like a personal confession diary.Not for let people know me,or for demagogy,but for myself,for one day when i getting old,i can read what i had done,what i had said,what kind of person i was,and it is more like a personal profile.

But,since it is my confession,obviously i need a listener,like a father of church,i choose to tell my confession to my blog-"Fashion&Culture Diary".

Dear Diary,today i need to tell you a thing,which is boring me for a long time,i chose to say it now,because i decide to let it go,and i am fine with it.

Here is my first confession
Maybe i think it is a couple months ago,i have a crush on a guys guy,and this guy is not just a guy,he used to be my friend,i mean even to be one of my bffs.And i feel ashamed,because i always think friends are always friends,lovers are always lovers,this two kinds of relationships can not be confused.But as we all clear,we can not control our emotion,neither do i,even through i know i should not like him,i do like him.And what makes me real feel ironic it that this was not my first time liking my friends,like more than three or four times,i am a freak who has special hobby on liking friends.For a long time,i am struggling should i tell him or not? Will he like me? Or ha he already liked me? Think thousand times,i do not wanna fall into this wrong love so deep,so i intentionally get away from him,you know what,for me,personally,i can not be someone`s friend after l found i have emotional feeling about this person.But one day,after we rarely get touch for a long time,a thought suddenly came to me mind,i need to be honest with myself,i think i should tell this guy my feeling about him,so i text him,and then guess what,he seems does not care my feeling at all,and i guess he disdains my confession to him,hope he does not,but who knows,only himself knows.But one thing is clear here,that is this guy do not care my feeling about him,so my feeling about him is done here,if someone do not take my feeling seriously,just let it go,it is wasting time on this kind of person.You should know i am a so so so beautiful boy,and if i want,i can get millions of handsome,kindhearted boyfriends,believe it or not.Ok,i am done telling my first confession,thank you,my Diary,for being a good,quiet listener,see you next time,i will be back!
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