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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tried To Be A Designer

My Sketches

-Not hide to mention here my 15-years-old`s dream is to be a world-class fashion designer,i remind of one day i pick up a pen and naturally draw something with no reason.And since then i often repeat this drawing and design action.Later some years,i adjust my dream into a professional fashion editor which i think is more realistic for me.Even though,i am very cherish the days of my being designer dream,and from some sketches i used to draw,i see a talent here,haha,a little joking here,but i do have talents.In this post,here they are,you can see this is a small collection,in fact,it is a small practice of design enlarging ( based on one design to enlarge into several ones ). Hope the victors are able to realize the similar design elements of this collection and wish everyone will enjoy my design.

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