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Thursday, November 21, 2013

trying to earn extra income by selling articles.-not easy,but has fun

Selling articles",this idea based on two reasons.

The first reason is also the most reasonable one,that is i am kind of broke,i have to support my life abroad myself,and have to heal with my university tuition,even though i have been taking a part-time job as at a small restaurant,but my income is far enough for my daily spending.So i need to make an extra income,here is the thing,i do wanna a second physical job,so working online seems to be a ideal job.

The second reason comes more nature than the first one,it is my passion on writing and editing.This is easily to understand,what do you think i open a blog? To write,to edit,in a word,to elaborate my personal opinion to the world.

Thanks to Christian PF,where provides you the varieties of opportunities to make your extra income,mainly through internet.So i recently have registered some websites and have started to sell my articles on those websites.

Today i register  as a writer for writing articles of style on the Demand Studios,i fill out this form.

They ask all the applicants to apply a CV,so i quickly make a simple one.

To be honest,i do not know if sell articles on internet can make money,but it seems someone has get benefits through selling articles,so i just wanna give a try.I really spend countless time searching the way i can make extra income,so i hope i can receive a satisfied result.
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