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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

editor`s essay 02

Letter form editor 
Hello everyone, for someone does not know me, i am Royal Wang, author/editor of this website. My readers may know that this blog differ form others` , covers specific opinions on fashion and culture. Everyone are welcome to speak loud here and also welcome to submit stories or anything appropriate to this site via email

Not as usual, today i wanna write something about myself. Notice that i rarely do this so take this opportunity to know me better. 1. Besides fashion staff, if you ask i think my second passion is "sex". Come on, it is normal, more after i know many of you glad to choose to have sex with your good friends i think this is a big leap that people open their mind to "sex". I, for example Monday,and yesterday i have two shifts of sex with two different Italian men, and besides the joy brought from sex we actually becoming real friend from non-talk-but-sex to first-sex-then-talk. LoL, interesting . 2. I always get some smart ideas for styling, like you can style yourself in simple chic with just two piece but covering two trends the same time - Oversize Sweater and Over-the-knee boots. Like this:

It is like a rock&roll girl, and you should learn her , carrying a cigarette. If you agree with my opinion maybe you can start form those pieces:

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3. As always i do some summaries of my blogging, i think every blog can achieve its own honors and you are welcome to share with me. Recently i get approved officially by "Wowcrazy" which you can see my honor chart as

in my blog sidebar. More like i was invited to be a content partner with online publication website "Issuu" which means my blog can be subscribed by millions of readers globally. As i am always telling you if you put your efforts on blogging many opportunities will come to you. More than you expect.

Well, it is time to walk my dog, see you see time my readers. Love you forever.

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