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Thursday, December 11, 2014

feeling good

*Article Attribute : Life Opinion

- Breathing out breathes with sorrows, Walking forward walks of instability, Speaking aloud without notes from confidences. If someone calls me a mournful jour i totally take it.

- Issues Telling : My failure of being-fashion-designer literally murdered my desires to search some other ways out. Recalling the images of me secretly reading those books of fashion awareness and styles-teaching magazines products a "Me", brave dreamer, hard worker,fate joker. 17 months of taking a mindless job deduces my brain cells of intelligence. My "He" once told and promised me those sweetest promises on love and life but finally proved all lies. 

- Emotion Releasing : I dare to bet that university could impossibly educates some big names in fashion industry. Why? Some who loves fashion and has real talents on design what the hell refused to study fashion stupidly because he can not pass the exam  constituted by questions in match, Italian history Ect has no any kinship with fashion family. Even my mom does not support my dream, the fact she satirized me on loving fashion by saying "You will go no where" hurts me deeply and sharply. I hate you mom for this. My that "He" is a con man, asshole, he does not deserve my beautiful face, sexy slim body, my attractive smile, my love, even my dung. Go to the hell Bryan Spinelli.

- Then , Feeling Good : Releasing my words attached to my emotions literally relaxes my face off. Feeling good is more far than this. Even though for some reasons i can not study fashion staffs , aiming to keep in touch with fashion i became a writer covers fashion, culture, lifestyle and opinions which i self-find out articles-writing is my second talent. What a big harvest. Hard working always paid off, especially this year, more and more industrial cooperation came to me driven by my article writing style and story editing. I just finished a story for a brand "Aviva Dress" which produces wedding dresses, prom dresses. Getting financial benefit , industry exposures , what a big Win-Win.

"Feeling Good" Summary : Feeling good more comes form the results after the process of those terrible things` excesses. From the life apperception you gain, form the heart comforts after letting it go, form the next destination your passion drives you.

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