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Friday, December 05, 2014

Thoughtful Friday

A - Those days, during writing posts, i have a routine - Refreshing the website clicks counting. I am so excited to witness the number climbing higher and higher. This is the result of putting efforts on writing good content and taking time to read other blogs. I want nothing more rewards but a high website traffics.
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B - When Christmas actually comes, i am planning on some travels with my boyfriend. We shopping discount outfits, eating some yummy dishes, wearing Santa Claus hat while having romantic sex . For achieving those i need to find my Mr.right. Where are you handsome ?
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C - I make a wishlist for Christmas, i do not believe i could get any of those staffs. Do not feel sorry for me, if your finance is not as weak as mine you can shop them, do not waste those stylish unique pieces.

With those boots and sneakers i wanna match up with those:

With those pants i think i am gonna wear those:

The pieces above are personal favorites ,including Menswear, and Womenswear. Enjoy the joy in styling myself, nothing else. I admire a look of modern, chic, street and something sporty.

Maybe you are thinking about something right now, and you can do the same like me writing down your thoughts to me , through your own blog or list them on paper. Trust me it is interesting .

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