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Thursday, December 04, 2014

shopping terms for Christmas

- Being a blogger can normally drives you to come around a lot of sites and to read what other bloggers talking about. This "About" part is like seasonal something. Now, December what is more seasonal than Christmas? 

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Besides those things like visiting family numbers, ganging out with your bffs, travelling around with your lover during vocation, Christmas really attaches the perfect reason to shopping. And i have road more than 100 posts on Christmas shopping lists , My Christmas wishlist or more ... I am not a office monkey but sometimes especially the when the big festival i need to join the team.

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-Code A : "ChicNova" offers you $8 off over $80, $18 off over $120, $36 off over $180, welcome for Christmas
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Code B : Blouses - friendly piece, easily matched up with blazer or sweater even coats.

Code C : Coats Whatever - Really? You need reasons? Shut up, just shopping.

Code D : Sweaters - Everyone Winter we discuss sweaters, whether it is oversize or something else, it is what we love.

Code E : Get some shoes, my mom once told that when styling your look , you should start from choosing a right pair of shoes

Code F : Anything else, in the name of joy.

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