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Saturday, December 13, 2014

" Our Life " , The " Should Do " Things

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- Well, i am drinking apple juice while writing this article, is it a kind of "should do" thing ? Hallelujah ~~~ 

Assuming it counts one, then what are the other things we could and should do connected to our life ? Temporarily put the "things" aside, i bet some of you might be curious about the "should do" part. En~~~ it is quite reasonable to explain that the things you will do or you had done before could produce the impacts on your "some aspects" like your life attitudes, your emotions, the way you speaking, walking, or even dressing up and so on ... Those "should do" things are meaningful and attractive.

"Should Do" Things A : Define who you are and remember who you are.
- This thought inspired by my friend who writes blog. Reading a post which tells someone asks her to change her personality, and her way of dressing, talking, Ect ... I am not so sure what is wrong with her "ways" but asking someone to change those ways just like asking them to change their personal instinctive human nature. I told my friend, do not listen to them, you are beautiful just the way you are, those " ways " define who you are and make you as a individual that no one could copy. 

"Should Do" Things B : Self-identity , as an Expert.
- When you consider yourself as a writer not just a blogger, then do not never label what the hell your writings as posts, but articles, it sounds more professional, you are an expert. This issue suits every thing you are doing, more for something you put a lot of efforts on and passions on. Me, for example, this website, not a blog, it is a website or a press spreads specific opinions on fashion, culture, lifestyle and more, i consider and train myself as a writer, editor. Why this ? If you are more professional on what you are focusing on then your reader, some industrial experts will take your writings or whatever they are more serious. Suspect me ? Try today you will know .

"Should Do" Things C : Whatever makes you happy, do it.
- I am exciting when i successfully order some hot guys for hooking up. I feel honored when i write a article for a wedding dress brand. I am optimistic when i draw some brain images of what my future gonna be like. Those things, even included some not-happened-yet ones, really make my day and upgrade my emotion a higher happier level. Good for physical health and mental health.

- I know there are many "should do" things around your life, you need to know : Those things meaningful , have impacts on you, count. Now, could you please tell me your "should do" things ?

Extra "Should Do Things" - Shopping

Beautify Your Nails Is Also A "Should Do" Thing

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