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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Editor`s Steatment - Website`s New Movement

his will be a new era of website "" . Memory flashed back to the very beginning , two years ago , I , the founder/editor/writer felt like a rookie who has the desires to start a website to spread universally those opinions linked to fashion , culture and lifestyle ...  With millions of hours passing by , the website has grown up in a fast and impressive speed . And what carrying with are the maturities on the control of those aspects of a website . Emailed by someone who asked for the cooperation on article writing and issue editing . The traffics of website is getting unpredictable higher day by day . It is the fact - Writing , editing a website not asking for fame , but the true respects from reader`s subscribing . - Dealing web-situations with heart and soul . - The most adorable readers who offering couple of minutes spent here, reading and leaving those lovely comments or advice . With the points above make a better website , and it is going to the best . Many of readers may have noticed the change of the website domain , it is more remember-able , professional web address  . Besides the aspect of requiring a succinct website address , this change more came after the fact of me  , the founder will move back to Mainland China , where blogspot related something is blocked , domain changing is one of the method making this website continue breathing . 

If you wanna make your voice loud , this is no obstruction could stop you . Fashion news reports , opinions on styling , story mixtures - ( fashion/culture/human experiences ) ... 

Hello , everyone , reported form Fashion&Culture Diary ...

Edited By Royal Wang
Editor`s Steatment
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