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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fashion Week Favor - Givenchy Stuffs

t is not a review of Givenchy Fall 2015 runway show , takes the mission . Reading some shows` reports form those forefront editors or correspondents sometimes could be some brain-cells-headaches . Just call him Tisci , named the new collection "Victorian-Chola" , i know the term " Victorian" But what the hell is "Chola"? I need to dig it out later , ( maybe ) . First I acknowledged this show on Dazeddigital , a video stream enlisted there , first to be a unique is the set of the stage . I made a collage below , you see the normal stages are like letter "T" alignment , or some otherwise made in a letter "U" curve . Who designed this show set - makes it like a small , not dizzy garden maze . If you watch the live stream , you can see everyone is fairly arranged to be the first row VIP .

Of course , there are chairs , like at every show . the second stuff to be creative or another description - " Tellingly " is a set of PCs or TVs , sensed from the versions , they are made in some years between 70`s-80`s . And concept back - Victorian - Chola Girl , is this something eras-mixture than decades-mixture ? Those costume components form Victorian era perfectly merged into some looks that female of today will adore so much . Tisci routinely set the color tones in some black-s white-s and red-s . A girl , in Tisci`s mind , should be confident with her look - Restless romances in any era .

A dramatic treatment released on models` face area . 

Faceful of glued gems and giant septum rings , it is not the first time , but another abstractly unfettered try . Every girl created by Tisci matches Givenchy`s standard of aesthetics - They do not wanna be ordinary , but imposing .

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang
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