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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Madonna`s performance " Living for love " at brit awards 2015 and her " fall down "

- Madonna singing " Took me to heaven and let me fall down " . And she actually nailed it  ( sorry Madonna , no defenses ) . The first big debut of single " Living for love" staged at 57th Grammy , Madonna`s performance is a pageant on live . The music-industry antecessor then staged her "living for love" performance at Brit Awards 2015 . A women with a long black cloak accompanied by a flock of dancers styled with face-dress breeding out a pair of long Ox horn , they marching progressively forward with music rhythms . Madonna steps on the stairs of stage , and trying to release her cloak , it is unexpected , Madonna was pushed back down by the cloak and fall down . It happened in the blink of an eye , the audiences and the TV watchers may feel confused the cause of "Madonna Fall down " .  About this mysterious , Madonna talk about it at a talk show , which you can watch it below , according to her , the cloak is tied too tight to make a timely release .

With the suitable words sang out " Now that it is over i am gonna carry on " Madonna finished the rest of the performance . "Loving for love" a part of Madonna`s up come studio album , the song is inspiring and spiritual , as usual , For the live performance , it is heavenly divine , a magnificent scene . This time , besides those personalized tricks , a "fall down" seems like a surprising highlight without rehearsals .

Watch Madonna`s performance "living for love" at Brit Awards 2015

Madonna first talk about her "fall" at Brits at an interview 

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang
Madonna/Living For Love/Fall Down/Brit Awards 2015

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