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Thursday, March 05, 2015

"libido" , the opinions

Chapter One : Libido&Sex Conversation 

Some breaks between the lessons , three classmates talking about sex issue , one of them my brother and i called him the man loss of libido . I faced to him " Come on , it is impossible , no one dose not wanna sex , he , with serious yet innocent respond " I ... i ... i think it is disgusting that imagining two or more people making intercourse . But how about "Sexual fantasy" ? Like who you wish could be your sexual partner if you wanna have sex ? "Never" , and "No One" - His answer is vague for me , actually i take 50% trusts on his words , because there is the time he could comment on someone`s beautiful face , attractive body , kissable lips , this is the guy who said he has no desire on sex , in terminology - No Libido .

Chapter Two : Watch "Nymphomaniac"

Nymphomaniac , the Part II - It is a movie , someone  had acknowledged that . The term "Nymphomaniac" is hardly understood , even though after Google translating . It is literally grouped by "Nympho"+"Maniac" , in the case , makes it readable . A woman told her previous sexual experiences to an elder virgin man . Through her girlhood to her midlife , she is in the process of seeking for sexual activity , enjoying the joy , the thrills of each skin touching , every kiss down to her genitals , those orgasms produced by men , or herself . She is more than a sex-desired human but a maniac requests on sexual irritates , which even goes twisted sometimes - Enjoyed sexual abuses . Reading and analyzing the conversations between the woman and the virgin man , thinking that about "sex" , so complicated , people have regular desires on sex , people like me classmate have no libido  , no desires on sex , people , are pathological on sex desires . And that listener , self labelled a virgin , acting like a devotional adherent , ends the movie in a sarcastic sense , reversals my thoughts on "libido" - He slipped into that woman`s room , got on the bed , took out his genital , tells his sexual desire . Maybe he was not a virgin , maybe he was , but the interpretation is that he is not suppose to be one , no one dose .

Chapter Three : "Libido" , Bottom Line 

"Libido" is a person's overall sexual drive or desire for sexual activity Personal understanding , "Libido" is a part of human nature . Everyone would carry the desire on sex , you might feel that loss of libido , no desire on sexual activity , which linked to biological or psychological problems or diseases  . But once those factors solved , the "Libido" comes back naturally . The behavior of that fake male virgin gives a potent slap on those who hold their "Libido-free" theory . 

Written&Edited By Royal Wang
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