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Sunday, March 01, 2015

unconcentrated edition

Part A - For three days , Jenny did not eat anything , for some reconciled thoughts , she sipped few mouthfuls of water . It is not her fault being such a charming beauty , which can not be the excuses being bullied .Those high school girls set their angers of jealousy on fire . To be Continue ... Maybe .

Part B -Walking towards to the routine market , my phone tells it`s 9.30 am , not really that early to go out those days , this period , in which my phone got robbed , met some rude basters , what am i suppose to deal with my situation ? Kill myself ? Yesterday , my landlord`s mother and i made this "death" joke , but with serious face . Google comes to me , i wanna know the ways to "kill myself" , painless .

Part D - At night , literally after 20:00 , i poked some video clips to submerge my boring hours . The "Poking game" is so causal , which full of "what the hell" things . From those , some clips refreshed my brain cells . A little bit exaggerate , at least leading me into some considerations .

I poked it - Katy Perry Super Bowl performance , if report it , it is too late , not a current affair . I read some information on this issue , all in all linked to Katy live vocal which is as usually unstable , and Missy ... what the hell her , that female rapper who helped perfect the show a little bit . ( I do not think so ) , the fashion medias focused on Katy`s costumes , designed by Jeremy Scott , easily to tell Jeremy`s favors on designs - Colorful cute , sometimes strangely shaped outfit-components , whole package offers a unfettered cheerful girl  . 

Part D -I was chatting with a guy from a sort of "Hook Up" website while writing this article . The guy could be a good person as far as i can perceive , presently . We made a deal to meet each other tonight , what will we do , it depends . Fantasy - The kiss comes along with sights meeting , hands touching down bodies walking around every inch of skin , softly tender . The squeezing of two naked bodies transforming the warmth yet the enthusiasm . I wish those will become the reality tonight . Sweet seducing .

Unconcentrated Shopping

Edited By Royal Wang
Unconcentrated Writing 

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