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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Fashiongallery-My Second Home Of Thoughts

-Six months has passed away since i started my first blog-Fashion&Culture Diary,last week i opened my second blog-fashiongallery.just like some fashion designers released their second-line products,Marc By Marc Jacobs of Marc Jacobs,McQ of Mcqueen,See By Chole of Chole ,and i realize that only one website is not enough for me to write and to show my passion on fashion,also i need to achieve my thousands of thoughts.obviously i have enough reasons to have another website.You may ask the difference between my two websites,good asking,to be frank,my first blog just like my personal diary about my opinion on fashion industry and culture circle,for some issues i would give my own views.And my second website is a place where i could capture and spread something i believe and i think what is beautiful or i can say something i like.Easily to summary:my first blog-Fashion&Culture Diary is more personal,has more personality.And my second blog-fashiongallery is like its name,gallery,which displays something,like some on-line exhibitions .Anyway my two blogs just like my homes of thoughts,where shows my fashion-values.

Welcome To Visit My Second Blog-Website !

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