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Saturday, August 03, 2013

This is Affordable

-There before,some people speak to me Jealousy that i am so lucky on hunting things,there are so many examples that i can not tell you all of them,this time,it was yesterday,i was walking through the center of milan,and thinking maybe i can purchase something,and then walked into Zara Man,a write,but a little bit transparent sunglasses caught my attention,just after trying on it three seconds i make a quick and wise decision,buy it,when knowing then sunglasses was on 50% discount which means only 9.99 euro,i feel so lucky for getting my beloved fashion products but in a low price just as always.And what is really over my surprise is when i came to the check,the staff there tells me i should only pay 5.99 euro for this Zara Sunglasses.Oh my,5.99 for a beloved sunglasses,it is so affordable.

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