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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pop Culture Was In Art Now,Art In Pop Culture In Lady GaGa

-I quote and make a little bit change of a sentence form the lyric of Lady GaGa`s New Single-Applause as the title of this post,after i listened to this single and read the lyric many times,i think Pop Culture" was what GaGa wanna us to understand.And when GaGa saying art in pop culture in me",Obviously explains GaGa`s self-identity.Pop culture in art,and art in pop culture" was an attitude of GaGa`s music,and i guess but not sure this single-Applause,maybe is GaGa is calling for the whole world to applause for music and her form of performance.I do not know much about Pop culture" (which i need to do a lot of researches later),momentarily ignore this,for this Applause" single,i very enjoy it both for the melody and the pop culture in the music video.I make some images from "Applause" music video which you can see below,and at the bottom of this post you can watch the "Applause" music video.Applause for Lady GaGa or not,it is up to you,but i do applause for her.I really want to Bang The Gong for you-Lady GaGa.

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