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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wisdom Language


-The potential of fashion is to create work and jobs in which many people find self-expression.

-Clothing is often an expression of your life.

-Ideas are the currency for success along with value for money,innovation not imitation,authenticity and a new ethical awareness.with fashion today the choice is massive:from laser to hand-out,from stitch to weld,from man-made to nature-made,organic or chemical,sustainability is the new byword,which could see us all recycling our wardrobe within the next decade.

-Fashion has never before produced so much stuff and the current crunch has forced us all to re-evaluate our spending habits. 

-People don`t just want to replace something they already have in their wardrobe.They want to have a fresh input-something unique-and that is what gets these designers out of bed each day.

-Terry Jones

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