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Friday, August 16, 2013

Now,It`s Criticism Moment

-Criticism Issue:An Actress from Glee" makes herself the worst posture at 2013 Teen Choice Award". 

Hey,what wrong with your mind ? Oh please everybody do not get me wrong,this is with no defense but i need to croak for seconds,in my blog, so far,all the posts are about some positive fashion issues or opinions,but,this time i can not  siting there and pretend no seeing this ugly moment,this moment which presented by an actress from Glee",at 2013 Teen Choice Award,Glee" received an award,when the acceptance speech comes to her,there is no doubt that she is the worst posture at Teen Choice night.Look at her,with fitness coach stature,foolishly brave to show her rough arms and shoulder,second,her necklace or i should name it collaring makes her neck more big and flashy,more worse is this is an actress,but where is your breasts? And all she get is dewlaps, Look at where arrows point to.

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