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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elin Kling`s Style Bible

1. Keep it simple ! It’s always fun and inspiring to play around with your style but on a night when you don’t know what to wear; take a few steps back, jump into a pair ofleather pants with a looser waist, a crispy white tee and a jacket with the collar pulled up. Finish off with a pair of killer heelsand it just doesn’t get any better.

2. Never pick something you’re not comfortable in. Regardless of how sassy it looks hanging in your wardrobe, if you’re not comfortable in it you’re not going to pull it off confidently, which is ultimately the key to turning any piece into couture.

3. Create a collection of personalized accessories. Make them your everyday accents and this will give you instant style, you can even combine them with trendy outfits to make them more interesting.

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