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Friday, September 27, 2013

Learn A World

Foreword:People Have Endless times of conversation every day,so,for true,word is quite important within a conversation.And based on a long history of vocabulary`s growth and the Accelerating in the frequency of conversation,the words changing day by day.As a blogger meanwhile as a ready-to-publish writer,i get an inspiration for a blog section-Learn A Word which aims to help and educate everyone to speak innovative right words in a conversation.

Definition: of or pertaining to the third day, the day before yesterday
Pronunciation: nudi-ster-shen
The Latin nunc dies tertius est means ‘now it is the third day’ and the phrase nudius tertius literally means ‘today, third’.
Why this word?
Most of us live the same lives, with some little adjustments. Some are married, others are single. Some are married to men, others to women. Some work from the office, others from home. Some are vegetarian others cannot survive a day without meat. Some smoke, others are somewhat repulsed by the smell. But all and all- we’re all the same.
What then makes a difference? The only things that can make a difference are the colors with which we paint our lives. When our lives are determined by the words we use- words are colors. Some people would eat a 3 day soup, others- will eat nudiustetian soup. I am 100% sure nudiustetian soup will taste better.
How to use the word nudiustetian in a sentence?
This is a great adjective to describe anything that was made, done, prepared, planned or whatever- three days ago. The real trick however, would be pronouncing it correctly. I’d advise trying it at home a few times before you go out blasting it to the wide public of your life.
“Oh wow- you’re still looking at the nudiustetian plan- we already updated it twice since!”
“This is older than nudiustetian news; give me something interesting!”

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