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Monday, September 02, 2013

Miuccia Prada Released Sketches For Movie' The Great Gatsby'

-As i can remember the first time i see those sketches was on Vogue magazine,and i do not pay much attention to it,but just now when i subscribing my beloved I-D on-line magazine i reread this issue and i know more about those 1920` style costumes.

-“You always look so cool.” F. Scott Fitzgerald. Miuccia Prada releases sketches of her costumes for the most stylish film of 2013: Baz Luhrmann’s adaption of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal, giantess of a book,The Great Gatsby.

Entering the costume cupboard on set ofThe Great Gatsby must have been like opening the door to Narnia. Gatsby’s world of millionaires who fall for girls in flapper dresses at the grandest parties in fiction, where absolutely everything is to excess, excess, excess and all the scandal that comes with it, is a world where style is everything. The trailer for the film was released nearly a year ago, and has racked up over 8 million hits, at least 50 of which came from i-D computers. From Gatsby (Leonardo Dicaprio)’s suave suits to Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan)’s encrusted golden gowns, the cast look dressed to the nines, champagne glasses in hand, giving our own age of austerity something to dream about. This morning the Prada group released four sketches from the 40 piece collection Miuccia designed for the film. From the Hollywood A-list cast that walked themenswear show in 2011, to Miu Miu’sWomen’s Tales film series that screened at the Venice Biennale last summer,Miuccia Prada may have been the obvious choice for costume, but she was still a genius choice. Her last few collections for Miu Miu in particular, have really embraced costume for the screen and the fabulous, decadentMiu Miu members club, which opened for three days before Christmas, must have been a wink at Gatsby. When the film is finally released in May, Mrs Prada will officially be the coolest designer in the world.

*Text: Sarah Raphael

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