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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{Party Double-Faces}

-Expectation and reality do not always make a perfect couple
Welcome back to continue reading {Party Double-Faces} issue.Previously,i dressed up myself and get myself ready to hit the party,but before arrival at that party a friend of mine told that this party is gonna be noting special but just some people talking,eating and maybe dancing,almost nothing about real fashion.Hey,my friend,i know this,will a big fashion issue invite me? No,i am nothing to fashion industry,i am just a fashionaholic.But second thought,since i have nothing to do on hands and i need materials to write my blog,i decide to go to this not-so-desire
able show.There are some elements together compose this show a tedious one.First,the venue is quite out-of-the-way which makes me ask seven local residents about the direction.And then,there are some outfits in the show room,when i get closer to see those pieces i can not tell those outfits designed by some students from a famous fashion school,and i tell you that i do not even know where should i start and how should i write a review of those outfits,because there is nothing worthy to report.Let`s talk about the victors here,i am 100% sure if they set up an award about the {best dress} i am gonna be the one and the only one nominee and then i win.Look, i am not a megalomaniac,if you are there you can understand my words, no one at that party i can label {fashion icon} on.

-When you are doing something or going somewhere there always exists something you can not predict before. 
The organizers ask every victor to line up,i am sort of anxious and i know my anxiety caused by the unappealing party and the lengthening of the entrance time."What`s this show about?" i asked the woman next to me,i do not know,she answers me,so here starts the first conversation with my first new friend.She thinks i  am doing some fashion things from my temperament and my fact i am not but she is,she is a student of this fashion school.we discuss something in English and she introduces me a school where i can learn fashion design but the tuition is  not as expensive as the most fashion schools.In exchange and in order to spread my blog i write my website to her.Even though this so-call party is kind of off-the-topic,but victors here they get different fun,which are:people walk towards to a mini bar to grab a drink,most of them are genlemen,for ladies,most of them enjoy eating some snakes presented on some small cute tables,and they eating,jabbering something with small on faces.As i decided to go back home,i meet an approachable students couple,they ask me some information about this party,and they also think i was a fashion-insider people,and they both study fashion design,so naturally have some conversations on fashion.This two cute are so approachable so that i feel like already know them for a long time,frankly, we just met a few minutes.Both of us are so honor to know each other so we exchange our social communication methods,Then,logically we take pictures together.

*Summary:I tell the truth,i didn`t expect this party so much,but if someone asks me,i will answer that it is all worthy to attend this party,not because this party itself,it was my three new friends make this experience not that bad.I love them,and wish them all the luck !!!

*Written&Edited By Royal Wang
All Right Reserved !

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