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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{"Botanist" Christopher Kane`s Textbooks}

-If we need to refine a title to summary the 2014 Christopher Kane Spring Ready-To-Wear i think nothing could be more rational than {plants textbooks}.

I would like to label Christopher Kane the "Botanist", the collection showed on SEPTEMBER 16, 2013 was permeated by inspirations derived from the process of photosynthesis, to the inadequacy of high school sex education,but here not the same as many other designers conventionally print floral graphics on the fabrics,Christopher takes us inside the plants science."I never like to do anything like anyone else," he said (mild understatement). "We live because of flowers and trees," he said. "They produce oxygen. But we take them for granted."

Review from" His effort to redress that situation involved an emphasis on flowers' reproductive capabilities—and their inevitable correlation with women. If they weren't quite as graphic as Georgia O'Keeffe's flower paintings, Kane's spreading blossoms still managed a lush physicality. Some of the most startling pieces in the show featured magnetic, silvery images of reproductive organs, trimmed with cellular filigree. The staging of the presentation—acres of mirrors—created a cloning effect as the models walked, which offered another unanticipated kind of reproduction.

Science and medicine are Kane's wellspring. He lifted the arrow motif that was a graphic feature in the collection from a textbook describing the oxygen-out-carbon-dioxide-in process of photosynthesis. And he said the last dresses were "like huge textbooks blown up." The presentation suggested he wasn't happy with the way school taught him science, never mind sex education. "Another Brick in the Wall," Pink Floyd's classic of classroom disaffection, soundtracked the finale. But what a spectacular way to redress childhood injustice. Yep, he stands alone.


{The Process photosynthesis}

{Jardiniere Function}

*Details From Christopher Kane SPRING 2014 READY-TO-WEAR

*Written And Edit By Royal Wang

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