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Thursday, September 19, 2013

{Stalking Alexander Wang}

-News from The Daily Beast

Garage magazine commissioned New York-based photographer Chadwick Tyler—known for his gritty photographic style—to follow, or rather, “stalk,” fashion designer Alexander Wang for an afternoon. In hopes of capturing the nuance of everyday moments from a stranger’s perspective, Tyler shot Wang in numerous locations—from Chinatown to his studio space—documenting the designer’s every move while keeping his distance. The beautiful photo spread captures Wang, who is usually seen amongst models or in his studio, in the most mundane of places, and is reminiscent of artistVito Acconci's 1970 photographic work,Following Piece, in which he followed and photographed strangers on the streets of Manhattan as a commentary on voyeurism. Tyler’s spread appeared in Garage’s issue No. 5, which is on newsstands now.

Reflective Wang, photographed through glass. 

The designer captured while walking under a scaffolding. 

Patiently waiting on the curb. 

From behind a truck.

He's getting away!

As seen through construction mesh. 

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