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Monday, October 28, 2013

Dare You Sing Live? Britney Bitch !

-I I I I I... what should i say,Britney you are a bitch you really make me angry faces off.Why i say this? It was yesterday night before i to go bed i read a news,story like this :Britney has a dirty Vegas secret.After reading this article it is about A document from Team Britney seems to indicate that the singer may indeed be planning to lip-sync her way through two years of Las Vegas shows.Talking about dirty something,Britney always takes the first place,she always be a bitch,what she had did previously makes me abusing her loud and clear.We all know this was not the first time Britney doing lip-sync,in fact she rarely sings live.Such a deceived singer contrary receiving so much love from fans and earning countless money is really a convoluted question.

*Below All Quoted From 

Oops, she’s done it again.
Britney Spears is going to incredible lengths to cover up her reported plans to lip-sync her way through her much-hyped Las Vegas residency. Her minions have created a cheat sheet of scripted answers to be rattled off to curious fans — and Confidenti@l has obtained a copy.
We first revealed last month that, according to a well-placed source, the “Toxic” singer will be phoning in her “Britney: Piece of Me” shows, which will take place over the course of two years at Planet Hollywood in Sin City.
“Britney does not sing. She is being paid a lot of money to lip-sync,” our source told us at the time. Team Britney went into meltdown after we broke that story and ordered up the “phone guide” sheet, to be used by staffers at Planet Hollywood if they’re quizzed about the show, according to our source.
Our source, who is connected to Planet Hollywood, provided the purported cheat sheet. It begins with responses to anyone who asks if Britney will be singing live.
“Yes! She will be singing live!” “Certainly she will be singing live!” “Yes, all vocals will be live!” “No lip syncing will happen at the show,” the sheet states.
The economical-with-the-truth document also include an answer to anyone who dares ask if the show will include live music. “Yes of course! There will be a special live band at ALL DATES,” it says. But a “special notes” section of the sheet seems to indicate otherwise.
“All vocals will be prerecorded,” it says. It admits that the “live band” “will be prerecorded also.”
The sheet instructs staffers to “try and stay in the margins of the provided answers and refrain from elaborating replies.”
Brit-Brit, who starts the gig on Dec. 27, is being paid in the ballpark of $15 million a year for a total of 96 concerts.
The sheet also includes this instruction: “Do not share this with anyone outside of Planet Hollywood.”
“They aren't going to be happy about you having this document,” said the source. “They don’t want fans knowing Britney is going to be calling this tour in.”

- I wanna ask you Britney-Dare You Sing Live ? Bitch !!!
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