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Thursday, October 03, 2013

No Deadline On English Studies

-Sometimes,we can not set up a deadline on something,wherein,studies of English is one of those.Based on my consideration of my blog writings,i would like to gain diversity of English expressions.I am pleased with some newspapers of American,Washington Post for example,actually,i tell you that reading articles on Washington Post i mean that English level is way beyond an English Primer.

This morning,as i usually subscribe Washington Post on-line news,i click into the style section and then i chose an article to analysis.But i only read out the first paragraph, there are endless accounts of new vocabularies to Google,so this it is-the first paragraph i learnt this morning.

New stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Andrea Barrett and Aimee BenderShare to Facebook

-These three collections of short fiction all come from the pens of white American women, but beyond that they differ so wildly as to provide a primer on the diversity of contemporary fiction. The most accessible pleasures here come from Evil Eye: Four Novellas of Love Gone Wrong (Mysterious, $23), wherein the endlessly prolific and inventive Joyce Carol Oates turns her hand to the horror genre. Even at its most literary, Oates’s fiction has always been saturated with gothic overtones, so her transition into the subterranean byways of slasher fiction seems only natural. These potboilers about murder, obsession and death have a genre funkiness, a greasy pulp seaminess, that is reminiscent of forgotten subscription serials and old “Twilight Zone” installments, albeit enhanced by episodes of operatic gore. For Oates, whose worldview is as flinty as that of any of her male peers, true horror is rooted not in the supernatural — that would be almost reassuring — but in the things that men and women do to each other under the spell of attraction, sexual or familial. “All love is desperation,” thinks one of the characters, speaking for them all. “This is our secret.” The pastiche runs more to Stephen King than Henry James, but it provides satisfying jolts.
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