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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

... Sometime,When I Blogging,I Am Pretending Myself As An Editor ...

-I make my memory date back to January,when i start writing my personal blog-{Fashion&Culture Diary}.I am trying to spread some specific varieties of cultures through my blog,which cultures i think are what i like most and what i 100% believe in.I think if you also write a blog just like the way i do you will know how Personalized when i write my posts which i mean i write anything i wanna,and it is all depend on me.

-I Pretending myself As An Editor. Yes,you heard me,i am a self-defined editor.Why i saying this? It is quite easy to explain-the point is i really like this title of {Editor},and more because pretending myself as an editor makes me confident in blogging and can you imagine how interesting and exciting when i open my beautiful website then i search for inspirations anywhere and i write or reedit my inspirations into my visions ? This is the most rewarding thing in my daytime.

*One day when it`s raining and i blogging

-For me,fellas i am telling you that blogging makes me refresh every day and no matter when and no matter what i am doing when i feel like i am gonna write something, i just open my blog and release posts,sometime i even set myself a plan that today i am gonna write about...... ,and sometime like oh,i am at my office and today it is gonna be a busy day i must finish those  stories before 9` am tomorrow. I`ve been always dreaming that maybe one day i could be a From self-defined editor into a real editor,Wow i wish so so so ...

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